Eurozone crisis: Breaking up?

Dec 2011, Panel: C. Lapavitsas, G. Irvin, P. Mason, S. Kouvelakis

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the makers of Debtocracy are back with

Catastroika: privatisation goes public

Anglo Irish: not our debt!

Debtris by Information is beautiful

Austerity by Mark Blyth

Crises of Capitalism

The crisis: what next?

Graham Turner: Where are we headed? UCL Occupation

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  1. larry said:

    How we allow financial players to defraud the public in Canada. First assist goes to securities commissions. Second assist goes to politicians.

    Crime pays

    “Losing billions to “respected” fraudsters, while they get an “assist” from government, and a free pass from the police…….”

    By now it is well known that our financial servants have become financial predators, in too many cases. What is not as well known is how your government servants are also in the game. The game is to sell out or remove protections for the public, so that corporations can earn greater profits Sometimes by doing illegal things. (imagine if this were done in oil, fracking, forestry, and finance, etc., etc?) Here is how this sellout is done to your investments in Canada, to skim about one billion dollars a week for just this one industry. Your investments at risk by people hired and paid to protect you……….30 minutes. Enjoy, and contact the speaker if you have an interest in legal challenges to servants who prey upon the public.
    Cheers to your financial health,

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